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Start A New Day is a project that allows individuals to participate in various opportunities to work towards improving the living conditions of children and young adults within institutions such as orphanages, reformatory schools and homeless shelters, in countries including Belarus, Romania, Georgia, Ukraine and Ghana.

STAND International runs various other projects providing new opportunities to those who are socially excluded from communities, encourage and equip them to make a positive contribution to the lives of others by challenging injustice and creating influence to change society.

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Support Us In Romania

Over the years with the support of our volunteers and fundraisers STAND International has made and continues to make strides helping amazing projects within Romania. 

Currently STAND International is working hand in hand with Nightingales Children's Project supporting the important and beneficial work they continue to do. This support comes in many formats from providing volunteers through the year to aid improving the building's and surrounding area of the charity to supporting individual projects run by Nightingales Children's Project such as light for night and the continued development of football programmes that looks to provide advancement through sport. 

Should you be interested in supporting the work or projects run in Romania either through donations or volunteering then please donate now or contact us to discuss further opportunities available. 

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Belarus Family Centre Vilejka

Vilejka is a small town located in Balarus with a population of about ~26,000 with a further population of ~24,000 living in the surrounding rural area. Within the town around 50% of families have heating and water however within the surrounding rural area most families do not have these commodities. Around 25% of the total population are elderly are struggle to survive on the state pension.

The family centre is run by the local municipal but is severely restricted in its work due to financial restraints. As a result only a very small percentage of those living in poverty have any support from out with their family.

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Ghana Donation Campaign

In Ghana children end up on the streets for a mixture of reasons, though poverty is usually at the heart of the problem. Life on the streets is a dangerous, harsh existence. The challenge for street children in Accra is often not the day spent on the street, but surviving the night - when children can fall victims to violence, sexual abuse or human trafficking, and commercial sex of children.

Although life on the streets is tough, there are only two realistic solutions: keep them safe whilst they're there and giving them or their families the skills to earn a decent income or ensure that they have access to primary schooling thus reducing their likelihood of moving to the streets.