Volunteering Abroad Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the most frequently asked questions about Projects Abroad, along with our answers. However, always feel free to email or phone us if you need to know anything more; we will email back very quickly - or we would be very pleased to to speak to you.


How long is the trip?

- A typical volunteering programme lasts two weeks, although there is a pre-departure training programme which is compulsory.

How far in advance do I have to apply?

- We suggest 3 - 4 months as a comfortable lead-time. The first step in the process is to complete the volunteering enquiries form on our website so that discussions can begin and we can match you to your project.

What will I do with my time?

- Each volunteer service project is unique but you will be expected to follow a schedule that can vary from working with children or disabled adults to construction and renovation work.

Who can participate?

- Anyone from the age of 16 who has had experience of social or economic disadvantage. This may include periods of homelessness, alcohol or drug misuse, or mental health issues.

Will there be other volunteers with me?

- The team usually consists of between 12 - 15 volunteers and 4 - 5 mentors. The mentors are also volunteers but their role is to support the volunteers before, during and after the trip.

What does the programme cost?

- 90% of the costs are covered however you will be expected to fundraise some money to cover additional costs. This money will be used to directly benefit the projects you are working with abroad.