Cernavoda, Romania Project Projects

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Nightingales Children's Project is a charity organisation based in Cernavoda and Constanta in the South East of Romania. The project was set up by David Savage to help disadvantaged children and young adults get on in life instead of turning to alcohol, crime or prostitution by providing them with care, stimulation, education and love.

The projects:

Casa Fericirii "Home of Happiness" - Was set up to house HIV and AIDs affected orphans and ensure that these children not only received the necessary medical support but the love and care that they had never previously experienced.

Human Trafficking Prevention - Nightingales in partnership with Human Trafficking Foundation have set up a project to help stop young men and women from falling into prostitution and from being trafficked by providing them with financial support, counselling and a variety of practical educational courses.

For boys & girls - Nightingales have set up various educational classes and workshops to encourage children and young adults to not go down the road of trafficking and substance misuse to try make ends meet and that there are alternatives ways to make money.

STAND International will be leading a team of volunteers to work on programmes at Nightingales, with a focus on the rights and opportunities of young people:

  • Plastering
  • Painting
  • Sensory Garden
  • Kids Programme
  • Football