Carronvale Exchange Project Projects

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STAND International runs a week long international social enterprise exchange annually at the Carronvale Centre in Larbert, near Stirling with delegates from Scotland, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine.

The project assists young people to explore the options of developing volunteering ideas in their own country and using this as a basis to assist those children and adults who are still in the state systems back in their own country. The project also explores different volunteering models and exposes the young people to different ways they can make a more positive contribution to their own local local and global communities

The exchange explores the concept of coaching and mentoring and seeks to equip the young people with coaching and mentoring skills that they could use when working within their defined volunteering project. These skills can then be used in their volunteering work to motivate and encourage those they are volunteering with to consider changing the situation which is holding them back. For those who have an interest in peer mentoring we organise sessions which explore the methodology of peer education and through informal learning deliver some ideas which they can develop whilst with the exchange.


  • To widen participants perspectives and challenge their attitudes and perceptions to civic society through critical thinking methodology and activities
  • To educate participants in techniques and skills which will help them to engage a wide range of young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, to make sense of a rapidly globalising world and their place as global citizens within it
  • To reaffirm participants' competences in adapting activities related to global youth work and global issues to different situations and youth groups


  • Ideas Factory - Early in the programme we hold a session on the process of taking an idea from planning and preparing to starting to make the project a reality. The challenge is that the participants split into small groups and come up with an idea for a project in any of the represented countries. They then create a business plan and prepare and give a presentation at the end of the week. The presentation is a "bidding" process where one group is awarded funding for the start-up costs to bring their chosen project to reality. Ideas for projects are shown/discussed during the week to inspire participants to refine existing ideas.
  • Charity Shop Challenge - Small groups are given a task and a map of charity shops in Edinburgh. Tasks are to buy items from particular types of charities or specific items that are being sold. The idea behind this task is to demonstrate that charities can raise money through the sale of unwanted goods and people can benefit from support these charities. Each group has to showcase their task and the items they purchased to the rest of the group.
  • Visits & Talk - Visits are arranged to projects and organisations to challenge participants' thinking. Talks were delivered at our venue to inspire and show good practice and experience in the host country. Organisations are able to talk through the journey of setting up organisations and projects and identify the lessons learned.
  • Awareness Raising - An example of a project was visit to a disable play centre with specialised equipment. Some participants now wish to replicate this example in their own country.
  • Cultural Learning & Language - Participants learn about each other's cultures in an informal setting. A country leads their cultural evening where everyone can participants in activities and learn about other cultures.