Blago, Belarus Project 2016 Projects

Passed Event


Our team of 7 had a massive impact well beyond expectations at Blago, Mogilev in July 2016.

Over the many years working with Blago we have been part of the journey which has seen a group of very rundown buildings transformed into good quality accommodation and activity areas which is used extensively by groups of children, young people and families from across the region. Our work has progressed from basic building and renovation to high quality finishing work and increasingly work directly with children and young people at the site.


  • Painted 3 two storey fire escapes - New buildings are now being finished and obviously it is very important that there is access to good, compliant fire escapes which will withstand the huge changes in temperature.
  • Planned and delivered a 3-day activity programme for 18 children and young people - We worked with a group of families from local church. They came to live at Blago and the children's ages ranged from babies to 18 years old. Our challenge was to run multiple activities which would interest the wide age range - and this was compounded by huge thunder and lighting storms and torrential rain which meant all our activities had to be inside!
  • Refurbished a play area at the local orphanage for children under 5 - It is really important that the children are able to spend time outside and regular outside play time is a routine part of the programme at the orphanage. The sun is really strong and it is vital that the children have the opportunity to play in the shade. These play areas were good structurally but were very dull and uninspiring. Once we had finished they were bright and inviting.
  • Other bits and pieces - As always a busy camp requires lots of maintenance and on-going improvement. The team contribute to this work. Whether it was planting trees or cleaning dormitories for the next group of campers the team were very willing ti help with anything.

The feedback from the Blago team was that once again STAND International volunteers had completed much more than expectations and that it was really good to feel that our positive and productive partnership continues to flourish.

Quotes from our volunteers:

"It was hard work!"

"Exactly what I promised! However, the feeling of achievement and satisfaction of a job well done was incredible"

"Knowing that everything we did made a difference to children, young people and families. This will be treasured by us all"