Nadeshda, Belarus Project Projects

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STAND International is looking for volunteers aged 16 - 30 to travel overseas to Nadeshda, Belarus and participate in working at the camp for socially and economically disadvantaged Belarusian children and adults with disabilities. Many of these children and young adults come from difficult backgrounds, including children from families affected by HIV, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Volunteers will experience working with key local people and communities whilst committing to caring and improving the living conditions for individuals with various disabilities or children living away from home in state orphanages, schools or hospitals. The work is quite challenging due to general attitudes within the mainstream population with regards to disability e.g. that people with a disability are unable to work, live independently or marry.

In addition, we are looking for mentors to travel with the team and work with our partners assisting them to look after the team and ensure that they supported in carrying out their tasks. There is no age restriction for this post. Ideally volunteers will have skills that will benefit partner organisations e.g. the ability to be aware of people emotions and reactions, coordinating with others and creativity.

Volunteers costs for flights, accommodation and food are provided. However, there will be some fundraising involved to directly benefit those children our partners work with.

You will live in shared accommodation with other team members at the centre. Projects will be in and around the local town area. Please take into consideration that work will be demanding and full participation in the project will be expected from all volunteers.

If you are interested in this project, please email explaining your interest.

Only British Passport or dual citizenship holders are eligible.