Auchengillan Selection & Recruitment Weekend Projects

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It is my pleasure to invite you to the training weekend 14th - 15th April, 2018

STAND International take groups of 8 - 15 volunteers/learners who are socially or economically disadvantaged (having a disability is not necessarily a barrier to applications) and living in Scotland along with mentors and provide short term volunteering opportunities for them to travel from Scotland to a different country and assist in either renovation/construction work, children's camps or animal and environmental work.

Some of the costs - fights accommodation and food are covered by our funders however volunteers are expected to do some fundraising towards the trip.

As well as full pre-departure training, volunteers are supported for 3 months on returning to Scotland to ensure they can harness their new found learning into either further training, employment or volunteering opportunities in Scotland.

We also are looking for mentors who will accompany the young people whilst they are on their two-week placement abroad and provide the post trip support. Mentor costs are covered although there is some expectation of securing some matched funding.

We have now 4 trips planned for 2018, there are some differences from previous years. The first is that the age range of those eligible for the trips to Romanian is open for those from 16 - 65 years, so this allows a greater number of people to participate.

The second change is that there is an option for those who perhaps did not feel that they had the skills or experience to become mentors, to have full mentor training and join the team as trainee mentors.

We are also having a residential training & selection event this year at Auchengillan from 14th - 15th April 2018 where volunteers and potential mentors will take part in team building, group training and individual interviews.

These changes have been in response to a number of enquiries and subsequent discussions with individuals and referring agencies.

Are you interested please get in touch by either expressing an interest via our website, call us on 0131 555 9102 or email